Hi My Name is Trevor Ladner from Destin, Florida. I have some websites http://whitesandvacationrentals.com/, http://destingolfcartrentals.com/, http://www.destinweeklyrentals.com/. I just wanted to take a moment to say, “Thank You” to Ashwini and all of his colleagues over there at Abaan Outsourcing. It’s been amazing, I’ve watched through; I’ve never done a video testimonial before. So I watched through some of the other ones that people left for Abaan Outsourcing and I must say I thought I was special. Like, getting some kind of special treatment but it must be that these guys treat everyone as good as they do me. All of the testimonials are full of the same stuff and mine is no different. My experience with Abaan Outsourcing has been awesome. I was a little nervous, you know, I’m not sure about outsourcing work to other countries and what not but my experience has been awesome. All the guys; Ashwini, Awanti, Abhay and Rahul they’re just so dedicated and so talented. They’re like web design masters… anything that I can dream up or think of, they make it happen. That is a good quality to have in the guys who are designing your website for you. I wish they were closer so that I could thank them in person but since they are so far away I figured I could show my gratitude by encouraging other people to try them out. If you have an idea for a website or you’re having issues with your existing website and you need them to do some work done on it. They design awesome YouTube pages and Face Book pages… I didn’t even know you could do that. Search engine optimization, that’s one thing they excel at and that’s probably, if your into the internet, you know that is like the best thing to be good at. So if you want a reference and you need to know that I’m not getting paid to do this I really just want to honor them the way that they have honored me by their hard work. Seriously, the hard work, they work harder than anyone I’ve ever met in my life and it’s just impressive. Really, all the time I’m impressed by these guys. So yeah, call me and I’ll give you a reference; I’ll say the same thing I’m saying right now. Anyway, Ashwini, Awanti, Rahul, Abhey and the rest of you guys…. Thank you so much for your hard work. It has just been a joy, a joy to work with you and I look forward to many years to come. Thank you! Namaste.